Radcliffe college alumnae oral history project

Welcome to the Radcliffe College Alumnae Oral History Project!


The Project Director, Alice Abarbanel ’66, welcomes any inquiries to learn more about this project. 

You can reach her at radcliffecollegevoices@gmail.com

See the 2022 april article 


The following is a summary of the project.

The Radcliffe College Alumnae Oral History Project was begun by a committee of the Radcliffe Club of San Francisco in 2019.  Its purpose is to record the oral histories of the undergraduate experiences of some Radcliffe College alumnae from the classes of the 1940s through the late 1970s, and to send the oral histories to the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at Harvard University.

One of the many missions of the Schlesinger, which is housed in the former Radcliffe Library, is to maintain the Radcliffe College Archives.  We learned from the librarians that the Schlesinger had very little material about undergraduate life during this period.  The Schlesinger has welcomed the oral histories gathered in this project.  

The interviews are conducted by volunteer alumnae and the recordings and professional transcriptions are prepared according to the Schlesinger’s archival standards.  Phase One of the project gathered about 100 oral histories of alumnae from the classes of the 1940s through 1962.  It was completed in January 2022 and the recordings and transcriptions are now being archived by the Schlesinger Library.  Phase Two will reach alumnae from the classes of 1963 to 1979.

Radcliffe Club of San Francisco sponsors the project, and provided the initial seed money.  Additional donations from alumnae and friends of the project help support our work.